eril nisbett

Artist Statement

I am an Australian creative who moved to live in the English seaside town of Worthing in West Sussex a couple of years ago. I have always been a 'maker' whether with my hands, with tools or digitally and have always come back to painting after my many side journeys.

My motivation for what I try to capture within the four sides of a canvas is simple. I paint moments in time of people or places that moved my emotions in that instant. Each piece created has a story, a memory or a reason to exist. Whether a journey of exploration with my family or a feeling of visual excitement when I chance across a collection of color or contrasting light that I quickly capture through my camera lens.

I paint for me firstly, and as it finally comes together out of the chaos of oil pigment on a palette, I often get a sense of excitement that I have captured that moment I saw and at that point I am happy to share it with others.