New Forest Ponies


New Forest Ponies.

70 cm x 50 cm, Oil on linen. 2023.

Standing beside a serene stream under the ancient Oak and Beech trees of the New Forest in Hampshire during the autumn season is a breathtaking sight. I've tried to capture the essence of this tranquil moment, with a group of New Forest ponies grazing peacefully nearby.

The New Forest, and the area near Brockenhurst, is known for its stunning natural beauty, and it's a place where these ponies roam freely. The dappled sunlight filters through the golden leaves, casting a warm, ethereal glow. The ponies, with their shaggy coats, blend harmoniously with the rustic landscape.


The stream's gentle babble provides a soothing soundtrack to this idyllic scene. The ponies' movements, as they graze and interact, tell a story of wild yet harmonious coexistence. Their presence adds a sense of timeless connection to the New Forest's rich history.

In this painting, I aim to convey the New Forest's unique charm, where nature's beauty and these iconic ponies come together in a harmonious tapestry of autumnal hues. It's a scene that captures the heart of this cherished English national park, a place where the past meets the present in a breathtaking display of natural wonder.

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