surrealist painting

60cm x 60cm, Oil on Canvas on board.
The English are always so close to the seaside. The very thing that surrounds and protects them could swallow them so easily. Their civilised, industrialised, organised achievements are bright and shiny, yet the Englishman and all he represents is threatened by the sea, doesn’t belong in the very element that can swallow and put an end to him and all he is.
The sea is not where the man belongs, but the colourful, important life preserver divides his belonging from his not-belonging. The life preserver is the key to this story.

At least that is how a friend of mine read it! 🙂

For me, that does make sense, but when I painted it I just started with some lovely old buses and grew it from there… no real plan, just went with it.

But that is what is so great about art!

Sold 2017 to a collector in Australia.

Original artwork:   SOLD  

* also available in Limited and Open edition prints, and hand embellished canvas prints
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