Near Tintagel Cornwall

ocean near Tintagel in CornwallNear Tintagel Cornwall.
50 cm x 50 cm, Oil on canvas. 2023.

I really love the rugged coastline all through the west part of southern England.
It’s been a couple of years since we went to the Tintagel Cornwall area. And we didn’t get sunshine like this the week we were there! So a little imagination was needed.

History and legend are inseparable at Tintagel. From about the 5th to the 7th century AD it was an important stronghold, and probably a residence of rulers of Cornwall.
In the 12th century Tintagel gained literary fame when it was named as the place where King Arthur was conceived. These Arthurian associations may have inspired the fabulously rich Richard, Earl of Cornwall, to build a castle at Tintagel in the 1230s, and the enduring legend still ensures Tintagel’s international renown.

Cornwall is well known for its beautiful beaches, hidden coves and amazing coastline. It is pretty hard to find anywhere in Cornwall where you are more than a few miles from one of these lovely spots and thankfully most of them are easily accessible. However, there are still a surprising number of beaches and coves that remain a virtual secret, even to those who have lived here all their lives.

A bit more history of Tintagel here

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