Worthing Beach low tide

Worthing Beach summer low tide
80 cm x 60 cm, Oil on canvas board. march 2021.

I’ve always painted my seascapes looking the other way around – looking out to sea. But getting a view of the straight lines of civilisation against the ebb and flow of nature was fun. I took a few photos walking the doggy at sunset one summer afternoon in 2020. Then looked at a few and thought it might be a good un to paint. That was over 6 months after I’d made a good start but got very bored by all the seaweed and countless rocks! , combined with winter Covid lockdown no3 here in the UK robbing some of the motivation 🙁
Being a little unsure about the bottom half and whether it actually was going to look decent enough it kind of sat in the corner. But that would be wasted hours so had another crack at it last few weeks and I think this will do nicely now.
I like how its contrasts nature and architecture. Being an Aussie these grand old buildings don’t really exist down-under. So this row (Heene Court Mansions) captivated me the moment I saw them when we got here. Nice and timeless too (well at least for the last 100 years or so) – Worthing Beach low tide could have looked like this anytime last century.

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