Worthing Beach

West Sussex Worthing beach and pier on canvas

45 x 35cm Oil on canvas. 2018.

First seascape in about 4 years, was a rough idea that got better as it went. Never painted waves on a canvas this small, but was pleasantly surprised. Many seaside towns in the UK have an old pier and the locals are always very proud of their wooden connection to the sea 🙂 Worthing is no different. It really is a cracker of a jetty though! Kids love the softserve icecream half way out and the fun parlour. Hot chips on the pier is one of our favorite Friday evening adventures when it’s not too cold out! 🙂 I love how the sea here can be calm and then so wild when a blow comes through. This is a slightly ‘romantic’ take on it as per Turner etc but still I like it.

Original artwork:   SOLD  

* also available in Limited and Open edition prints
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