Hove Beach Hut Lights

painting of Hove Beach Huts and LightHove Beach Hut Lights
100 cm x 50 cm, Oil on canvas. 2022.

I often go out with a camera looking for ideas. Not this one though. Had just taken the kids to the park in Hove as the sun set, looked over from the car, and this was there. Painted from a couple of grainy shots with the car door open before we left.

The Hove Beach huts have a rich history and have been a beloved fixture of the area for over a century. These small, colourful structures sit proudly on the beachfront. Their bright colors and unique designs make them stand out against the blue sky and sea.

The huts are a unique feature of the beach, painted in a range of bright colors and adorned with various decorations, from nautical themes to floral designs. They provide a sense of nostalgia and charm to the beach, and each hut has its own character and personality. My view of this was taken from behind looking out to sea, so you can’t actually see all the colorful fronts on the other side.

The streetlamps that line the beach also add to the ambience of the area, casting a warm and inviting glow as the sun sets over the horizon. It’s a magical time to be at the beach, with the Hove Beach hut lights creating a beautiful and serene atmosphere.

Some more iconic local beach hut images here…

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