Hove Lights

Hove Lights 100 cm x 50 cm, Oil on canvas. 2022. I often go out with a camera looking for ideas. Not this one though. Had just taken the kids to the park in Hove as the sun set, looked over from the car, and this was there. Painted from a couple of grainy shots with the car door open … Read More

Worthing Beach low tide

Worthing Beach summer low tide 80 cm x 60 cm, Oil on canvas board. march 2021. I’ve always painted my seascapes looking the other way around – looking out to sea. But getting a view of the straight lines of civilisation against the ebb and flow of nature was fun. Took a few photos walking to doggy at sunset one … Read More

Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge Bay 100 cm x 50 cm, Oil on stretched canvas. Jan 2021. A headstart on 2021 – what a year 2020 was. We got hammered by a few waves for sure! Many of my landscapes are ideas or scenes I come across on our breaks, daytrips or holidays. We only got away twice this in 2020 due to the … Read More